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Wooden Door Replacement in Denby

A customer in Denby Village who has used us in the past contacted us to give them a quote for replacing an older wooden back door with a composite door.

The wooden door was letting a draught through, and was difficult to lock as it had moved in the hinges over the years.

They chose a composite door that matched the front door we recently fitted and they benefited from an attractive design, thermal efficiency and better security.

We agreed a suitable date and time, and fitted the door for them. We took away their old wooden door and all other rubbish. Our customer was delighted with the results.

“The door has made a massive difference. Not only does it look a lot better, we are happier that its more secure than the old wooden door we previously had. We would recommend J B Windows to anyone and will almost certainly used them again in the future.”

Below are some images showing the door before and after.

Brickwork Removal

We were asked if it would be possible to knock through a wall in an elderly customer’s kitchen, to install some French doors and make access to her garden easier for her.

Due to it being a solid wall this would require internal and external lintels, to stop the brickwork above from dropping and causing problems to the structure of the building.
The doors had to be in a very specific position in the kitchen, as they would fit directly in between two worktop surfaces and then plastered around.

The brickwork was cut, then acro props and strong boys were installed to maintain the structure of the house, before removing the brickwork. Once the brickwork had been removed, it was now time to install both internal and external lintels.

Once these lintels were in position, we could go ahead and fit the new French doors into the brickwork.

Please take a look at the photos below of the brickwork before removal and the finished job of the new French doors. Safe to say, the customer was very pleased with her new easy access French doors.

If you need a new opening created in your home whether it be to let more light in, or easy access to garden/patio areas then why not get a free quotation from J&B Windows ltd. We can do this for Windows, doors, French doors or patio doors.

Conservatory Glass and UPVC

A short while ago we were contacted by a builder of whom we have done work for in the past. He had started to build a conservatory base for a customer and wanted us to quote for the upvc side of things.

Due to the shape of the existing bungalow it required a very specific roof to get the conservatory to work. Also the customer wanted an active blue glass roof which made things slightly more awkward.

Not only was it an awkward shape house, every existing wall was out of square. This makes it very difficult to make the roof work, as it all has to go up square, otherwise there’s no way the glass could be made to fit.

We quoted the job and got confirmation that they were happy for us to go ahead and install it for them.

Due to the design of the roof and the shape of the existing house walls on the bungalow, we decided to manufacture the roof on site and then order the roof glass once everything had gone to schedule.

After a couple of weeks we had the conservatory finished. It was certainly not your standard conservatory, which took a lot of patience and expertise to get it right but this is the kind of thing we enjoy doing. Seeing the finished article is a very satisfying feeling after all the hard work that was put into it.

Here are some photos of the finished conservatory.

If you are thinking of getting a quote for a conservatory in Derby or the surrounding areas then why not give J&B Windows a try.

Wooden Door Replacement

We recently took a phone call from a customer wishing to upgrade their two rear doors to their property. They had old timber doors which weren’t very energy efficient, so they wanted to swap them for upvc ready for winter.

As the doors were on the rear of the property, having a posh looking door was not what they required. Their requirements were to keep in as much heat as possible and maintenance free i.e. No painting.

We decided to go for standard half glazed upvc doors which was the cheapest option for the best energy efficiency.

Please see pictures below of the doors before replacement and after replacement.

If you are looking for upvc doors in or around Derby then get in touch for a free no obligation quotation.

uPVC to Composite Door

I was recently asked by one of my neighbors about replacing a standard upvc door with a composite door.

She had done quite a bit of research on composite doors. This gave her the understanding of the difference between a standard ‘foam filled’ composite door and a solid timber core composite door.

We, as a company only install solid composite doors as the idea of upgrading to a composite should be a upgrade, not a downgrade. The composite doors we install are the ONLY solid core doors on the market today.

Using a hardwood core door, they are hung into the purposely designed composite door outer frame, which has three dedicated seals to make the door as draught free and as quiet as possible. With a thickness of 48mm, they are nearly 10% thicker than most alternatives.

The difference.

With a typical foam filled door only a small section of the door is actually solid, and as a result is not as secure as a solid timber core construction.

Also, the majority of foam filled composite doors use a gel coated GRP skin. Although this is a strong material, it tends to scratch very easily. To avoid this, our doors are made using robust through colour thermo plastic skins.

Here is a couple of pictures of the door before and after installation.

If you require a composite door in or around Derby then feel free to give us a call to arrange a free quotation.

Conservatory Roof Replacement

We recently replaced some glass in a conservatory for our customer in Allestree Derby. Whilst replacing the glass, she also asked us about the roof, and said she would like the the poly carbonate sheet replacing with glass. The current roof was keeping in the heat during the summer, meaning it felt more like a green house and it was uncomfortable to sit in.

We advised her to choose Active Blue Glass as this is better than normal glass. She was happy to take our advice.

Active blue glass gives the exact same protection from the weather as the poly carbonate sheets, but it keeps the heat in during the winter and repels the heat in the summer. This means you can enjoy your conservatory all year round.

Below are some pictures of the project, before and after.